Is Colorbond Roofing Much better than Concrete Tiles? It Relies on Taste, Way of living and Price range

In Australia, roofing resources typically slide into amongst two alternatives: concrete roof tiles; or corrugated steel roofing using a bonded paint end (regarded in Australia as Colorbond, or CB). Which solution is most effective for your personal problem? Both of those will preserve the weather out, so weigh up the variables below before you decide to decide.

A certain amount of Background: The principle of bonding paint to a galvanized base originated in Chicago, and was further more formulated in Australia into an item which includes exceptional corrosion resistance and is aesthetically fascinating: ColorbondĀ©. It is available in many conventional colors and is resistant to the elements. While a galvanized corrugated roof might final 20 years, a Colorbond roof would have a fifty calendar year lifestyle or for a longer period.

Terra cotta tiles are also a choice; they literally final permanently. Imagine archaeological dig. You’ll find examples of terracotta roofing that were about for 1000s of several years. Having said that it is actually about double the cost of a concrete tile roof.

For our uses, We’re going to Examine concrete roof tiles and Colorbond roofing, and can focus on Melbourne disorders. Both equally solutions do an admirable position at the things they’re made for (keeping the weather conditions out). Concrete roof tiles have been Employed in Melbourne for at least seventy five yrs and there are various houses in older suburbs for instance Heidelberg and Camberwell that still have their primary concrete tile roofs.

Why would you select one item more than A different? It comes down to private style, lifestyle, a handful of other things… and price.

Architectural Advantage: That is a personal issue. Colorbond has a contemporary trendy glance with clean traces. However, there are plenty of concrete roof tile profiles that provide a different architectural outcome than a regular half-pipe tile. For a small addition in cost, you could potentially (For illustration) decide on a flat shingle type. You can also find many colours in concrete roof tiles.

Noise: This is a crucial thought. Insulation and ceiling notwithstanding, you can listen to rain on a Colorbond roof. Though we would visualize raindrops slipping over a steel roof as a pleasant audio, it may be disturbing to some individuals, specifically in large downpours. Tile roofs are much quieter.

Drinking water Collection: If you need to collect roof water in a tank for family use, Colorbond is the best option. You’ll harvest much more h2o due to the fact concrete tiles Possess a amount of absorbency. Also they have an inclination to keep Filth, dust andĀ  coloured concrete solutions so forth which washes into the drinking water tank. In the course of the latest 10 calendar year drought in Melbourne, home proprietors were inspired to collect rain drinking water for home use. This affected the desire for Colorbond roofing.

Excess weight: Colorbond is really a portion of the load of a concrete tile roof (10% to be specific!) So your roof framing is often A lot lighter. Also, a Colorbond roof is not any heavier wet than dry. A concrete tile roof will absorb drinking water right before it operates off, so a soaked tile roof is heavier and engineering requirements have to have to allow for this.

Rodents: It is simpler to generate a Colorbond roof pest-proof by nature of the best way the product or service is set up.

Bushfire: Melbourne can be a metropolis adversely affected by summer months bushfires. If you’re creating within the outlying hearth-prone areas, BAL (Bushfire Attack Amount) regulations could make it in the desire to select a Colorbond roof, as These are simpler to seal from exterior ember attack.