Menos Hiras – An Insight into Historical Black and White Photographs

If you take a look at black and white photographs, you will find that they are deeply magical in many ways. They have a unique sense of timeless beauty with the emotions they depict. Thanks to the different contrasts of light, they bring the subjects alive in the picture.

Menos Hiras is a photographer at the Professional Photographers of America. He is from West Virginia and focuses on historic Black and White Photography from his native state. He is interested in the black and white photos of monuments and social movements from West Virginia.

Black and white photography – When did it all begin?

When it comes to the subject of black and white photography, he says that they have existed for a very long time. While photography in color has been popular, with the first photograph being taken in 1861, it was not until 1960 that color photography truly dominated the globe. It has been present ever since. Some people believe that these photos are antiquated and actually have no usage in the modern world. This is not true. Many people find black and white photographs to be mesmerizing, and they are highly popular today.

Old is gold

He says that if you are a photographer and wish to excel in the art of black and white photography, you should be ready to learn the basics first. The biggest skill you need is the willingness to shoot subjects in black and white. Besides the above, you should have the practice to become perfect. Though like art, photography has no perfection and can be interpreted in many ways, you should have the drive and passion for capturing as many subjects as you can to share your work with the world.

Beginner tips

If you are new to black and white photography, he says that you should follow the tips given below-

  1. Get inspiration- Like everything else you do in life; you need the inspiration for capturing subjects in black and white.  In order to get the best ideas, take a look at vintage photographs. You can also refer to movies as your source of inspiration. You will find that back in the day; people were limited with colors. They used angles to bring out the optimal effects of the subject they used to capture.
  2. Focus on the contrast- A beginner should focus on dark and light contrasts when it comes to capturing black and white photography. This helps you to capture landscapes where you can look for patterns and experiment with your exposure.
  3. Experiment with the filters in your camera- Try to create mesmerizing hues of the photographs you take with the camera filters that you have. Explore them and choose the ones that suit the subject the best.

In the opinion of Menos Hiras the world of black and white photographs is stunning. If you are an aspiring photographer and wish to take some memorable shots, try it out and witness the magic you can create with your lens!