Popular places that serve Karak chai in Dubai

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What’s greater than to start a day with a great cup of tea! This floral cocktail is consumed across the world in a number of ways and flavours. Karak Chai, or Karak, as it was fondly called in Dubai, is something denizens can’t do without. The soft creamy flavour and recognisable scent are just reasons why this specific drink has a massive fanbase in the UAE. Let’s discover some of the best locations to get a hot Knear Bulgari Residences Dubai without further ado.

Popular places to get Karak chai in Dubai

Project Chaiwala

Project Chaiwala is a highly regarded Karak chai location in Dubai, renowned for the large range of tasty chai they serve. Situated on Alserkal Road, Project Chaiwala uses a premium blend of black tea leaves, brewed milk, cardamom and sugar – the main components for the perfect Karak chai! The way the workers drink Chaiwalas’ hot tea in a kiosk provides you with a street-style chai experience in Dubai. Apart from the masala chai, the saffron chai and other enticing variations, Project Chaiwala also offers the vegan Karak chai.

Karak and Rigag

There’s nothing better than matching the beloved hot drink of the UAE with its national crepe! You will enjoy this enticing combo at Karak and Rigag. You can also combine your chai with the other delicious snacks that the shop sells, such as sweet and savoury rolls, crispy French fries, thinly sliced beef, kebab burgers, and many more.


For several years now, FiLLi Café has been providing wonderfully brewed cups of Karak in Dubai. It’s a home-grown brand with a range of branches in Dubai. The Al Mamzar Beach branch is a great attraction due to its location on the coastline. The Filli Café menu in Dubai has many variations of chai, but the signature mix is a treat for the crowd!

Tea Club Cafe

Tea Club Café has a range of snacks, main course menus, and various hot and cold drinks. The café is also famous for its wonderful Karak chai, which can be combined with a wide variety of treats from the list.

Tea Way

Tea Way is yet another prime place to get a fantastic tasting cup of chai Karak in Dubai. This small kiosk on Jumeirah Road is a perfect spot to enjoy Karak by the water.

Cha Cha Chai

Are you searching for a nice Karak Chai in Business Bay? Go to Cha Cha Chai for an indulgent, soothing cup of chai in Dubai.

Try Karak Chai With a Twist

For those who are keen to try a special version of Karak chai in Dubai, these tea spots provide Karak with a surprise you will never forget!

Raju Omelette

Raju Omlet is a spectacle and famous dining room where you can enjoy wonderful all-day breakfasts in Dubai. Nestled between Al Karama’s streets, Raju Omlet is an eggy sanctuary, serving more than 50 different egg-based dishes! The Karak provided here has a unique taste that is difficult to find anywhere else in Dubai. They produce their ginger chai, new mint leaves and cardamom. The outcome is a chai that tastes completely delicious, and that also lets you eat your breakfast!

Karak House

Karak House is an Arabic/Indian café situated in downtown Dubai’s heart and specialises in some truly unusual varieties of Karak Chai. You can try an iced Karak, a caramel Karak, or even an iced-chocolate Karak if you are curious. This is possibly the only Karak chai location in Dubai that serves cereal Karak, bringing a whole new twist to the iconic breakfast staple.

Al Hara Cafeteria

This charming little café, hidden away in the busy Al Karama streets, is one of the best locations for Karak Chai in Dubai. They have a beautiful standard chai and disco chai, masala chai and zafrani Karak chai on the menu. Mix your tasty cocktail with a tasty sandwich, steak or sweet treat for a great late afternoon or evening meal.

Chai and Co

You should also go to Chai and Co. for chai Karak in Dubai, where the menu has a few twists for Karak buffs. Chai and Co.’s devoted menu includes their exclusive Karak Safran and Karak Espresso, giving the best in all worlds in one cup!

These are some of the places where you can get the best Karak chai in Dubai. When you buy villa in Dubai, you might want it to be near these spots for Karak chai.